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Is the OMAD diet Right for You?

15 Sep

The popularity of the OMAD diet has been a hotly debated topic for the last year or so, and with good reason. Is it everything everyone says it is? Is it an effective fat loss solution? This intense version of fasting is making headlines. Can OMAD be the holy grail of fat loss? Read below to see.


Is consuming one meal a day for months on end or even a short period of time appealing? I know it sounds insane, but it’s the HOT NEW thing that is driving everyone wild. It’s been stated that this diet improves focus, rapid fat loss, and MUCH MUCH MORE! It may be the diet you have been looking for!

This crazy way of fasting is not for the weak-hearted. You ultimately will be fasting for 23 hours and eating for 1 hour every day. At this point, the regular 16/8 intermittent fast is a piece of cake. So, Basically your feeding hour is one large meal. The first 23 hours will be brutal! Want to really challenge yourself? Then add this to your list.

Although this seems like something only a crazy person would do, it’s still very popular amongst the masses. OMAD is their GOD, they live, breathe, and swear a one meal a day type of diet. You can pretty much consume whatever tickles your fantasy for this one hour. I mean anything. YOU WANT pizza? brownies? Go ahead! A liter of soda? Sure, why not? A dozen donuts? I got the box waiting right here for you. Besides all that yummy goodness, people swear by this due to the lack of meal prepping (I kind of agree). If anyone knows me, I hate meal prep and will continue to hate it. Less cooking, less cleaning, less washing dishes. I say that’s a pretty good benefit. Who wants to pack loads and loads of Tupperware? Let me shut up because I know a lot of people still LOVE meal prep.

The important thing about OMAD is that it has helped so many individuals! Now with all that said let’s break down how OMAD works and what studies have shown.

Eating One Meal a Day

When intermittent fasting hit the scene you knew at least one person who tried it. Am I right.? All Fasting has to do with some type of time-restricted eating. You fast for a certain amount of hours and feast for the remainder. The most common “fasting” we know of is the 16/8 method, most will fast for 16 hours and feast for the remaining hours of the day.

Other types of fasting include alternate day fasting, which gives an individual the freedom to consume whatever they desire for one day, then calorie restricts the next. Other types of fasting may include just water 2-3 days a week and or serious restriction of calories and time-restricted eating. Dr. Rhonda Patrick does a magnificent job of breaking down the differences between them here, take a look. So is eating once a day worth it? Let’s check out the benefits of OMAD fasting below.

Benefits and Cons of OMAD

Pros of OMAD

So how effective is OMAD? In 2007 a study was done on meal frequency where each subject ate one or three meals with the same amount of calories a day and, was able to maintain their weight. However, the subjects that consumed one meal a day reduced a significant amount of body fat. This meal a day thing is starting to sound fun.

Besides fat loss what else can this type of fasting do?

Repair processes start to activate

Research has shown that fasting can dramatically improve one’s stem cells as well as break down fatty acids instead of glucose. SO what does that equal? MORE FAT LOSS! Check the study here.

Lower Insulin

When calorie reduction or portion control occurs it can lead to lower insulin levels. Higher insulin levels are a very big concern especially in overweight or obese people.

It’s Well Simple

WE all KNOW how I FEEL about counting calories. Fasting is very simple as stated above, you fast for a certain amount of hours and you feast for the rest. So with OMAD YOUR feast will be 1 hour…Enjoy!

No Fancy Meal Plans

You can consume whatever you want LITERALLY. I mean I would and will always recommend high-quality foods like fish, chicken, beef, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and carbs if your certain type of lifestyle calls for it. BUT for sure make protein the priority!

Cons of OMAD


If you are used to eating constantly then this diet is definitely not for you. The thought of not being able to eat may stress you out more than the actual diet itself.


Do you like focusing? Me too, the lack of move may cause you to lose concentration rather quickly.


Due to uneven supply of energy you may experience fatigue.


Feeling lethargic, weak and shaky will make you irritable. When your blood sugar falls you are not the happiest person.

For some individuals eating one meal can lead to binge eating but not all, which unfortunately can lead to binge eating.

In Conclusion

Is OMAD a miracle diet? NO, But it does work for many individuals. Eating an enormous amount of calories all at once can be very difficult to do forcing you to eat less, therefore, putting you in a calorie deficit.

Another study showed that males had a very hard time consuming just one meal a day. It came to the point where subjects were almost force-feeding themselves, just to get food down leading them to eat less and causing a calorie deficit.

So does meal frequency matter? Seems like it depends on the person and or situation. The more spread out your meals are, the more likely you are to finish them. Stuff all food into one meal and well you are asking for a calorie deficit…Weird concept is it not? HEY! Increased fat loss!

Is OMAD the diet for you? In my opinion, I think you can benefit from any type of fasting. There are certainly benefits to all, but it really comes down to preference like most diet or nutrition plans. I say if it works for you then do it!

Is OMAD the next diet for you? Contact Jeanice for more info.

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