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Faster Way to Fat Loss – How I Lost 20lbs on the Carnivore Diet (Top Fat Loss Tips)

The Faster Way to Fat Loss
26 Jul

My Plan to Lose 20lbs

Well, I did it! I lost 20lbs of fat (hopefully) and some muscle too. It was a hard 20lbs to lose and not because the diet was hard, it was because I had to change up what I was used to doing. Change is hard, change sucks, and as most people know it’s scary. But in order to grow CHANGE is a MUST!

Let me start off by saying this plan worked for me and it may not work for others, BUT I encourage you to take bits and pieces of my plan and try it out!. This is my journey and I am glad that you are here taking the time to read it. It was a rough year and everything I said I would stop doing…well I didn’t.

I’ll break it down for you. I thought the days of me doing tons of cardio, no sleep, and heavy weight training were long gone. I mean it worked before, why would it not work now? Right? Wrong? After my last show, I couldn’t seem to get down to where I needed/wanted to be. So what did I do? I kept pushing, less food, more cardio, more supplements, less sleep. I was pretty much digging myself into the ground. SO THIS IS WHAT I DID TO FIX IT…

Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss TIPS!

The way I decided to go about this was not the ordinary way. I really had to CHANGE like stated above. So my so-called “Faster Way to Fat Loss” was not the ordinary. But I knew that is what I needed. Am I saying this is the best way to lose fat? Not necessarily but it worked one hundred and ten percent for me!

Tip 1: Stop counting calories

Stop counting calories

Yup, not a single macro or calorie was tracked in the last six months. I’m not too sure how I stopped but I just did! I had it! The years of my counting and tracking were done. I still can’t believe it. I thought I would be doing this for the rest of my life and I accepted it. I thought counting calories would be an easy way to fat loss. I have done it year after year and it yielded great results. But, like most things in life it ran its course. So I deleted my tracking app, tucked away the food scale in the cabinet, got rid of most of my Tupperware, and stood there with a sigh of relief. I was almost in disbelief that I stopped. I said to myself “I’m sure in a few weeks, I will pull it right out again.” Well, I am glad and proud to say that I do not use a food scale, track a macro, or count a single calorie!

2. Eating More

Eating More

I was getting full most days and realized I was not used to this. I clearly was not eating enough in my past life. Buying fattier cuts of meat, eating something whenever I wanted it, eating fruit (OMG!), eating regular eggs. I was baffled for sure! For a long time, food was off-limits. 20lbs of fat seemed like it was unreachable destination but I was determined to get there. After getting my diet straight my next step was to get my fat-burning workout in order. Just Kidding! Stuff like that is what got me to where I was. Believing that there was such a thing as “the best exercise to lose weight” or the “best exercise for fat loss” was totally bonkers of me after years of training.

What does eating more do you say? Well, I can tell you it helps with a faster way to fat loss. By doing what exactly? Being in a deficit all year is not normal. When you have intermittent diet breaks you give your body and metabolism time to recover. This whole fat loss workout plan becomes cake! You know why? Because you have a healthy metabolism.

3. A LOT of Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Yes, I know I have mentioned this soooo much! But I am telling you it works. All I do is walk with interval training. I have already dammed that Stepmill to hell. Not only is walking a stress-free calorie burner, but it also helps with stress! I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day. Being home with the pandemic was almost a blessing in disguise. It gave me a chance to walk and walk a lot! You do not even have to walk outside. Clean your house, do some chores, vacuum your house. You will be surprised how fast 10,000 steps will happen.

Going for a walk is movement and that’s what we want to do. Relax and move, it keeps our bodies stress free, mobile, agile, and strong! Don’t forget to keep track of your steps as well with a reliable step tracker. The one I use is pretty basic. Click here to see which one I use on the daily! You can also get it on eBay for much cheaper :). Walking is something you can do a lot of and not worry about it. You are not going to “overtrain” our bodies are made to move, we are not meant to be sitting all day every day. Unfortunately, that has become the new norm. I suggest setting up an app or timer on your phone that reminds you to get up every hour. Trust me it helps! I can sit all day working and never get up if I didn’t have my trusty app on hand. One thing to note, I do live in New York, and going out in walking in negative 20-degree weather sucks! But if you can tolerate the cold then go for it! But if you cannot then the treadmill will suffice.

4. Use Basic Supplements

Use Basic Supplements

Your food should be nourishing your body, not supplements. The faster way to fat loss is not taking fat burners, carb blockers, pre-workouts, or anything but the basics, Use food as fuel. I did a reset. I only used caffeine when I needed it and still do. I use fish oil when I am not consuming a ton of omega-3’s and a basic multivitamin as well as a Vitamin D supplement when I am not getting enough sun.

For years I tried everything. That whole “lose 20lbs in a month” seemed believable if all my ducks were in order. You see all these people lose fat faster than you, and it makes you wonder. Am I doing something wrong? So you keep pushing. You buy more pre-workouts, more fat burners, and nothing still seems to work. Sound familiar? Yeah, sounds familiar to me too. So, what am I trying to say here? Stop giving into the hype. The basics work! and if you want to get wild throw some creatine into the mix. I am not going to touch on creatine, If I had to guess there are thousands of articles on that amazing supplement.

5. Cycle Your Calories

Workout for what you do. This keeps your metabolism ramped up and HEALTHY. Do not workout to lose weight, do not exercise to lose weight! I REPEAT! Workout or train to be strong, fast, quick! Remember…The Faster Way to Fat Loss is building lean, quality muscle! Days you know you have a harder more intense workout, eat more. The days you know you will be training as hard, eat less. It’s just that simple.

Now that I have hopefully got you started on losing 20lbs. Remember to take your time. Fat loss can be effortless once you set your mind to it. So are you ready to lose 20lbs? Contact Jeanice for a custom plan.

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