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Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Which one is better for weight loss?

01 Jun
Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Watch the FULL VIDEO here on YouTube.

What are the pros and cons of both Carnivore and Keto? I get many questions about what is better or worse for fat loss. Watch to find out!

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Best way to stay on your diet while traveling (Keto Edition 2020)

Salmon is a great keto meal
14 Sep

Dieting can be hard as we all know, but adhering to a certain diet can actually make life easier. So what is Keto?. I’ll let the pros give you a more in depth answer, but I am pretty sure you have an idea since you googled your way here. OK, Shut up…I know! But seriously this whole fat vs carbs debate has gotten out of control. I’ll let you decide for yourself what works best for you. It takes some experimenting to really get the grasp of what works for your body.

Now, Let’s get into those mouth watering Keto snacks.

Eggs are a good keto snack.
Eggs are a great Keto Snack

Top Keto Travel Foods

1. Eggs

Did I saw mouth watering? Yeah the most boring thing ever probably!

Well to me it isn’t. Eggs are cheap, affordable and are quick to prepare. Air fried or boiled are a perfect snack! Put these bad boys in a zip lock and you are good to go! Of course you want to go for the best quality eggs, bit your store brand is just fine! Go with what you can afford. Not only are eggs convenient, they have an enormous list of benefits. I personally do not eat egg whites, but if there are days you feel like you need less fat then by all means egg whites it is!

1. Incredibly Nutritious
2. High in Cholesterol, but Don’t Adversely Affect Blood Cholesterol
3. Raise HDL (The “Good”) Cholesterol
Click here for more.

I suggest pasture raised eggs for many reasons.
– Minimum of 108sqft of pasture per hen to roam
– Freedom to forage outdoors year round
– Tended by hand on small family farms
– Made with fresh air and sunshine
– No herbicides or pesticides

Keto Legendary Foods are great to travel with
All you need is a spoon for this jar of keto goodness from Legendary Foods.

2. Legendary Foods

Honestly their whole line is amazing! They have nut butters, nuts and it is all high quality ingredients and keto friendly! There are vegan options as well! So keto vegans get down on it! ala Kool and the Gang! This little jar of yummyness is a great snack to take on the road with you! The variety is amazing! Did I mention? they have their very own version of a Poptart as well :). You did not hear that from me though.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts are good for essential fats
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts are a yummy travel snack

3. Raw Nuts

Good ole plain nuts, no salt (or salted) are a top keto snack of mine, at times we can’t always order things when we need them…trust me I have been there. You can really get nuts at any 7-11, gas station etc. Even better you can get a bulk bag and make mini baggies for the week. Macadamia nuts are by far my favorite! Mauna Loa are the particular brand I use but use the ones you prefer (these can cost a pretty penny)

Coffee with Coconut Oil is a fast way to get in ketosis

4. Coffee with Coconut oil

I know a lot of people love their bulletproof coffee but for me its a tad heavy, so what I LOVE is coconut oil with coffee! The benefits of coconut oil alone do wonders for the body. THAT is the REASON why I LOVE IT! So much…other than the amazing taste! P.S. add a little heavy cream and talk about an amazing morning concoction!

Here are some benefits of Coconut Oil:
1. Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With Potent Medicinal Properties
2. Populations That Eat a Lot of Coconut Oil Are Healthy
3. Coconut Oil Can Increase Fat Burning

Click here to read more about Coconut Oil

NOW Cookies - Keto...quick for travel
Know Foods Cookies good for traveling

5. Now Cookies

Talk about a delight! The taste is amazing, the ingredients are so high quality and the fact that you can enjoy these tasty treats guilt free are just some of the benefits of this keto snack. Drop this in your purse, or man bag 😉 and you are ready to take on the world. These will also kill a sweet tooth at night! Reach for these instead of the Ben and Jerry’s tucked in the back of your freezer! OK maybe it’s not the same thing, but a close second.

Fat Bombs are a good way to save money.
Fat Bombs are a delicious keto snack

6. Fat Bombs

Fat bombs to me are fun and creative! You don’t always have to do the traditional keto snacks or treats, you can have fun and make some yourself! BEWARE! These can get too tasty where you over eat so be mindful of how many you consume in one day. I also like to use quality fats, coconut oil, organic nut butters etc. Remember sweeten to your liking! I use Stevia 99.9 percent of time, Sucralose is just wayyyy to sweet for me. I’m not saying on occasion you can’t have it, but try and keep it as natural as possible.

This peanut butter cup fat bomb is by far my favorite from fit foodie finds. There are tons of amazing recipes, go wild and crazy!

7. Fiber

Don’t forget your fiber! This is by far my favorite fiber supplement. One thing people always neglect on keto is fiber…If you aren’t eating your veggies (which you should be be) try this fiber supplement. I like the taste of this honestly (as weird as that sounds) Metamucil is good too, but I prefer as natural as it gets. I usually throw it into a protein shake or mix it with almond milk if i am in a rush.

Renew Life Organic Triple Fiber essential while on keto.
Fiber is an important part of digestion! Don’t neglect your fiber on keto.

In closing I hope this helps you on your keto adventure. There are many ways to approach traveling keto, but if this helped you in any way, shape or form I am so glad!

Leave a comment below if you have something nice to say or not lol…Happy 2020!

Are you ready to travel keto? You should be!
If you have any keto questions, please feel free to email me here.

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