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Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Which one is better for weight loss?

01 Jun
Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Watch the FULL VIDEO here on YouTube.

What are the pros and cons of both Carnivore and Keto? I get many questions about what is better or worse for fat loss. Watch to find out!

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Top Ways to Break through your Fat Loss Plateau 2020

Stretch it out and relax to break through your fat loss plateau
27 Oct

Struggling to lose those last 10lbs? Maybe even 5lbs? We have all been there (I know I have). So you probably have read every article, tracked every macro, dropped calories, increased activity etc…Still no results. WTF? Your solution is right around the corner. Below are MY TOP ways to break through a fat loss plateau. Keep in mind, different things work for different people. Okay, Jay…Shut up! On to the ways to break a plateau 2020!

Eat More for fat loss
Eat More!

Eat More

That’s right I said it! Your metabolism may have taken a hit. What I suggest is to bring your calories back up to maintenance for 7-10 days and take notice of your progress then. If your weight still stays the same try another 7-10 days and then reassess from there. I also suggest eating foods that are filled with nutrients an digest well for you. Don’t go eating Cheetos and boxes of cereal, listen I am all for the occasional indulgence and this is the perfect time to do it…But this is not a free for all eating contest. Sometimes refeeds and or cheats do work but I think a well deserved diet break is even better!

You have to remember you just cannot keep lowering calories. The body is a moving target, your metabolism changes over the years. You probably have noticed some years you can eat a lot more and some years you eat a lot less.

The problem is that most people do too much too soon. (Not good). I always say it small changes have the biggest results.

Cardio is not always good for fat loss
Kick the cardio habit!

2. Drop cardio

Try cutting cardio in half for again 7-10 days (you can combine Step 1 along with this method or do them separately.) Sometimes the body needs a break. Pushing the body further does more harm than good. If cutting cardio in half does not work, try stopping cardio completely for 7-10 days and see how the body responds. I know this is taking a step back, but trust me it will benefit you in the long run. An overly stressed body (and yes cardio is a stress) is not optimal for fat loss. Doing more is not always a great idea! Talk about backfiring, give your body the needed rest. You will realize it was probably what you needed. OR if you are a cardio queen, try dropping the intensity down a bit….WALKING is a great way to help this! Walking is low impact and has done wonders for my physique.

Try a 30 minute brisk walk instead of the stepmill or any other cardio machine. The reason I recommend walking also is because it is a low stress activity and or movement. We all know too much stress halts fat burning! OR set a timer for every hour, walk around for about 5 minutes and and in 6 hours! Hey you got thirty minutes of movement…I’ll most of my clients that have desk jobs that they need to move, the body is not made to be stationary.

Fitbits, Apple Watch, Step trackers they all work if you use them. These little devices for sure can keep you accountable. So if you are looking to get low stress movement and cut down your cardio, these devices can help tremendously!

Eat to burn fat
Eat when you’re hungry man!

3. Stop tracking macros

Tracking macros obviously helps, but sometimes your body needs to get back into the rhythm of eating when hungry and not trying to fill numbers. There are pros and cons of counting macros, but we will leave that for another day and time. Take babies for example, they cry when they are hungry and if they are full they stop eating. Use hunger cues to fill your needs. I can honestly say this worked out the best for me. It took me a bit to listen to my body. The first few weeks were tough but the fat started to come off. I was truly shocked when I stopped counting and calories and macros how my body shifted.

When you eat when your body truly needs it, that is when the magic happens. I think when we start with macros we overthink the process…just be easy for a few days and see what happens. This is definitely not an overnight process.

Sleep is a vital part of fat loss
Sleep is a vital part of fat loss

4. Sleep and add more rest

What? I never realized how much sleep effected my progress until I actually started to sleep more. My state of mind was totally different, fat loss at that point became effortless, my joints felt better and just an overall feeling of wellness. So get your sleep in! Sleep is vital #sleepislife. I also use, magnesium and help this process, Magnesium is not needed but it is something that I recommend. I recently started using CALM…READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

But really rest is crucial for progress. You can only go for so long being sleep deprived and overly tired. Make it a habit of getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, if you can try for the good ole eight or 9 hours. Even try to take a mini nap during the day…A twenty to twenty five minute power nap really helps! Trust me I have been there…

Be accountable for fat loss
Be Accountable

5. Be Accountable and Honest with Yourself

Have you been really sticking to the plan? Tracking macros, doing all your cardio, sleeping 7+ hours a night? When fat loss is the goal or any goal, being consistent is key. The results will come, that I can promise you.

Tracking at times can be rough, I encourage you to listen to your body. Hope all this fitness, rest, move less, eat more helped you out and did not confuse you. If it did, I am soooo sorry! You can always reach out to me personally and I will be happy to help!

Are you ready to break past that plateau? Contact Jay for more ways to break through your fat loss barriers!

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