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Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Which one is better for weight loss?

01 Jun
Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Watch the FULL VIDEO here on YouTube.

What are the pros and cons of both Carnivore and Keto? I get many questions about what is better or worse for fat loss. Watch to find out!

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The Best diet after the Holidays 2020 Edition

04 Jan

The holidays officially end Jan 1st in the dieting world, the holiday binge is long gone. Now what? Should I do cardio? weights? change my diet? Take classes? Your mind gets filled with ideas you see FREE this FREE that. 1000 calories burned. So what are your next steps?

Here is the best answer, READY? Do whatever makes you happy. That easy right? Not really. A sound program with weights, cardio and diet tweaks will help get that holiday weight gain off…oh and a little effort and hard work.

Below are some of the best tips (in my opinion at least) to clean up your diet after the holidays:

Accept that you binged over the holidays and move on
The Holidays are a time to kind of not care.

1. Realize it’s OK that you ate too much during the holidays

I stress to my clients that it’s OK that MAYBE you did eat too much, So what? embrace it and move on. Realize the holidays are 1 month out of 12 months of the year, It did not take you a month to lose weight (if you have been on a calorie restricted diet before), A month sure as hell won’t get you chubby either. Spend time with your love ones, eat, drink and be merry! NOW I have heard cases where people eat plate after plate, day after day and the weight piles on…Now yes that can be a situation for fat gain! The holiday’s although is a month, it’s not a month straight. You have a few days here and there where you can indulge not all 30 or 31 days.

2. Get your diet in order

Get your diet in order

This is where it gets tricky, there are so many approaches! Tracking macros is great when you are a beginner, but once you have the gist of it, tracking is not necessary (unless you are in contest prep).

So is macros the best diet after the holidays? Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, who knows? The diet I find best to work is the diet you can see yourself eating for the rest of your life. It can seriously be as easy as the popular IF (Fasting) where you set a time limit to when you eat, eliminating soda, having 2 donuts instead of 3. SERIOUSLY, whatever works. Stick with one plan for at least 8-12 weeks and really asses the progress, giving up after a few weeks don’t do anything but leave you more frustrated.

Fine what works and stick to it! For a custom plan, contact me here.

Get Moving Again

3. Get Moving Again!

During the holidays moving less and eating more does happen. It happens to everyone! So don’t beat yourself up because of it. The worst thing you can do is stop movement all together. I know it can be hard to get back on the horse after numerous days off from the gym, eating a lot of yummy goodness and overall just a feeling of laziness. If you need to start walking just to get you back up, I say go for it!

I know I preach walking all the time, walking will burn calories and it’s more movement than exercise. I can honestly say I walk EVERY morning for at least 30 minutes, if its too cold get a treadmill, walk around in a circle, clean the house…You can get that movement in. No excuses!

4. Aim for Whole Foods

Aim for Whole Foods

Whole foods are more satiating , one ingredient foods I like to call them. Whole foods have health benefits (which you should always be aiming for). Macros are great sure, you can fit in treats. But you want to aim for food that mostly benefits the inside not necessarily your aesthetics all the time. I like to see the quality before I see the quantity of anything.

I want to preach over and over again just because you look good does not mean you are healthy on the inside and vice versa. 6 packs do not equal healthy.

Small Steps when it comes to dieting

5. Small Steps

Don’t go into your diet plan and eliminate all carbs, only eat fruit, no meat, food only before 6. Go at a snails pace, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. Stick with a plan for 4-6 weeks and re-evaluate your progress.

Ever hear the quote the faster you take the fat off the faster it will come back on? To some degree well that is true. You don’t want to approach fat loss fast. Take your time and do it right. I see it time and time again where people will starve themselves, do crazy amounts of cardio, take all the fat burners and by the time they need to lose that last bit of fat they have NO WHERE TO GO!

Eat when Hungry

Are you really hungry? or just eating out of boredom? Seems like the more I speak to people the more I hear “I eat out of boredom.” Weird but not really. When times like that arise find something to distract you. Read a book, take a walk, drink some water and really evaluate if you are truly indeed hungry. Is it just a craving? Is it that time of the month? Did you see it lurking out of the cabinet? Is it staring you in the face? Or all of the above?

I noticed when I am extremely busy food is not even a thought. There are days when I barely eat and other days when I feel the food is just NEVER ENOUGH! as if a hole in my stomach just appeared there and there is no way the food is entering my belly. Food is great and you need it to perform well, think, function and give your body the necessary nutrients. But make sure you are always eating for a purpose and not just out of being bored.

Don’t get me wrong I have been there where the bag of chips has become my best friend and then I wonder why I have the worst stomach ache known to mankind…All I am saying is this, mindless eating happens. Just try and be more mindful.

Happy Diet 2020!

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Top Tips on How Intuitive Eating can Change your Life

Intuitive Eating changed me life
03 Sep

Intuitive Eating

I touched briefly on my Fixing and Healing your metabolism post on intuitive eating. Intuitive eating has had some praise as well as negative comments and reviews. What I say is that their is no one size fit all approach at eating. Dieting or lifestyle whatever you want to call it tends to get over complicated for some reason.

After competing I started to noticed that I developed disordered eating. “I said to myself tracking macros all year is normal, right?” I always had that all or nothing approach, I’m in or out, black or white. Happy medium? What? It came to the point where I would try and fit food in just because I had macros left, but I was not even hungry.

All of a sudden your hunger cues stop, you no longer eat when you are hungry or stop when you are full. Eating becomes a numbers game, let’s see how much crap I can fill in and lose weight. Simple enough, Right? Boy, was I wrong.

I noticed once I started intuitive eating, I was rarely hungry, I barely thought about food and I was more focused on work and becoming creative. Food cannot be your end all be all when it comes this style of eating. Depending on the person it can take some time to step away from the food scale and listen to you hunger cues.

If there is one thing I track is that I get sufficient protein but not necessarily high protein.

Get your protein in
Protein is necessary for muscle building


High Quality Protein Bars or Shakes
Nut Butter with Fruit or Celery
And much more!

You should also go by how you’re feeling that day or what kind of activity you will be performing. I know when I am on my feet all day I have 0 to no appetite and I take bites of food as the day goes on. Obviously on days I train harder I consume more carbs.

OK, I admit this wasn’t much of a tips post but ways that intuitive eating can help you break the habit of putting a number to everything you eat. Food is not a number it is fuel to make sure you are running efficiently. I can’t stress it enough, eat quality food, train smart and get some rest! Oh and enjoy life and eat some really good food with some amazing people!

Are you ready to intuitive eat?
Email me for more info on intuitive eating.

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