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Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Which one is better for weight loss?

01 Jun
Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Diet – Watch the FULL VIDEO here on YouTube.

What are the pros and cons of both Carnivore and Keto? I get many questions about what is better or worse for fat loss. Watch to find out!

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Carnivore Diet for Depression – 30 Day Challenge

Carnivore Diet may heal anxiety
23 Feb

Have you felt a sense of doom? Not feeling like yourself every day? Me too..I do have high anxiety from time to time and let me tell you it sucks to deal with. I can tell you this.


I realized I have tried everything (or at least I feel) everything under the sun to calm down and just relax, and be honest with you nothing has worked.

I have read so much about the Carnivore diet that I figured “Hey, Why not?”. Let’s be clear I am not doctor so before any keyboard bullies come after me, this is 100% experimental.

Chris Bell and his brother Mark Bell inspired me to this type of diet. This is a modified diet, the only protein I am using is beef, salmon, eggs and the occasional eggs and cheese.

I also am including apples and or grapefruits. I have tried many diets, keto, no carb etc and I get very crampy and start to get the most intense muscle fasciculations in the world!

I know this is a very modified carnivore diet, but remember I am eating foods I do not normally eat. No chicken, no turkey, no spinach, no veggies, nut butters etc. I am also doing a slow progression. I choose to keep small amount of fruit in. I know from past experience as soon as I start eating carbs again, I put on fat at a rapid weight.

I am still continuing my journey of Dropping 20 in 2020, sorry I have not filmed in awhile. Life got in the way. But I promise more to come!

Carnivore diet and Anxiety?

For some reason or another my anxiety has been at an all time high in about 5 years. So I am a sitting here wondering why. I have always been determined to get rid of it the natural way. I do 100% believe it has to do with your diet and gut. Good gut health, great mood! After reading so many blogs my curiosity really heightened. A bad gut has been linked to depression and bad skin (another thing I am trying to fix, I still breakout at 34!) I currently still training 4 days a week and try to get in a 30 minute walk most days. I am a big believer in movement, so if anything increases it will be more leisure walking. Leisure walking is more a necessity rather than exercising, humans are made to move not be online meanies.

So what is exactly am I trying to see with this experiment? Good question. I guess what I am really trying to do is heal my Microbiome. With healing the inner, everything outer should fall into place. Anxiety, skin, pains etc. So wish me luck and Happy 2020!

Who else is ready to do 30 days of carnivore? Contact Jeanice for more details.

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