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Top ways on Fixing and Healing your Metabolism

22 Jul
8 years in between! no more tupperware, no more lifting heavy, circuit training, leisure walks and no traditional cardio.

Time and time again we see all the new trends on how to diet, when to diet, what to do and what not to do. One thing that always comes up in the google search is fire up your metabolism, TOP 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM but never real or fix your metabolism. Strange isn’t it?

All Instagram and all other social media platforms show you is how lean they are or were at one point of their life. What they don’t show you is the unhealthy lifestyle that chronic dieters and competitors go through. I am a victim of that, I dieted for years, measured food, over exercised, never slept to prove I would whatever it took to get lean. Unfortunately it does not work that way. I started to struggle to with a sluggish metabolic rate, or a metabolic resistance. Fortunately for me I did not get the so called “metabolic damage”.

After years of being in a deficit, bingeing, over exercising my body finally stopped responding to a calorie deficit and more exercise. Here’s what you can do to fix it and heal your metabolism.

1. Stop exercising.

That’s right stop exercising, and START MOVING!
Find ways to move instead of exercising. Movement is not stressful on the body like exercising is. Yoga is one of the ways to keep the body active with minimal stress. WALKING! That’s right I said walking, try and go for a leisure walk a day. A walk that does not have you huffing and puffing, walk the dog, walk to the store and run your errands. Get 5,000-10k steps a day. Here is the fitness tracker I use. Click here to get one! You’ll be surprised what walking can do to your physique! Believe it or not this low impact movement does wonders to your body. I have not done real cardio in quite some time. The thought of it kind of makes me nauseous. Hours upon hours on a piece of cardio equipment is gross (lol).

2. Get Sleep!

What? #TEAMNOSLEEP – How about 7-8 hours?
Having problems sleeping? Try getting off your smart device 30 mins to an hour before bed. I know seeing the outfits and meal prep videos are so tempting. You can always do that when you’re bored or commuting, maybe even walking. Try and disconnect, its good for the body and mind. Social media detoxing can be tough considering that’s all people look at nowadays. Here is what I use at night before bed to calm me down, Magnesium! Surprised? Click below to find out what brand I recommend and the benefits of this wonderful supplement.

Magnesium – Magnesium has been shown to help improve anxiety, as well as treat constipation as well as a whole heap of other things.

You an also introduced Melatonin with Magnesium and go with a one touch punch that will knock you right out! But you have to be resting, these supplements do help but not when you are stimulating your brain with any type of device.

3. Stop Dieting

A deficit is the last place you should be. Your metabolism needs to be nourished. A good read is the Nourished Metabolism by Elizabeth Walling. This is one of the books that saved my life, It does not give you any hard rules but it does give you a different perspective. Calorie counting can get this best of us, get back to your bodies natural hunger cues, eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortably full.

Unlearn what you already know.

Doing the same thing over and over again with no results is well just madness, I know there is a quote out there or something. Stop counting macros, stop fasting, stop eating no carbs, Just eat! Honor your hunger, do cardio when you feel like it, not at 5am because your coach says so. Do what feels right, and I promise your body will heal itself. No need to obsess! Just live.

4. Eat quality food.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy the cookie you desire, have one and be done with it. Shoot maybe even two. Nutrients will help with this whole process. I think cookies and so called junk become a problem when you cannot control what you eat. Really focus on quality nutrient dense foods, you will hunger longer and reap the benefits of a so called “clean” diet. I know the IIFYMERS hate me right now. BUT, to me it truly is clean food, the palette can tell. I dare you to stop eating junk food for a few weeks and see what happens to your gut and how your palette changes. It will be a hell of difference.

6. Take your time

No need to rush this process, live in the moment. Enjoy time away from training and more with friends and family, have that dessert, sleep an extra hour. Just remember in time you will be healed. Metabolism healing is just like any other process. You want your metabolism to be stable not unstable.

Once your metabolism catches up with itself you will be surprised how fast the fat comes off, your hunger goes back to normal and you will notice that food is not consuming you.

There are days I can hours without eating because I am focused on other task. I don’t have a meal scheudle, I don’t use the scale, hell I don’t even know how many calories I am eating. All I know is hunger and fullness.

7. And FINALLY! Have fun!

You can still have fun while you are healing, listen to a podcast when you walk, take a different trail, take a friend with you and enjoy the sleep! I’m telling you from my experience, just because I woke up early to get a workout done does not mean I was healthy. Well I hope these tips helped you, remember strive for progress and not perfection! Hard work, works.

Are you ready to heal your metabolism?

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