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Faster Way to Fat Loss – How I Lost 20lbs on the Carnivore Diet (Top Fat Loss Tips)

The Faster Way to Fat Loss
26 Jul

My Plan to Lose 20lbs

Well, I did it! I lost 20lbs of fat (hopefully) and some muscle too. It was a hard 20lbs to lose and not because the diet was hard, it was because I had to change up what I was used to doing. Change is hard, change sucks, and as most people know it’s scary. But in order to grow CHANGE is a MUST!

Let me start off by saying this plan worked for me and it may not work for others, BUT I encourage you to take bits and pieces of my plan and try it out!. This is my journey and I am glad that you are here taking the time to read it. It was a rough year and everything I said I would stop doing…well I didn’t.

I’ll break it down for you. I thought the days of me doing tons of cardio, no sleep, and heavy weight training were long gone. I mean it worked before, why would it not work now? Right? Wrong? After my last show, I couldn’t seem to get down to where I needed/wanted to be. So what did I do? I kept pushing, less food, more cardio, more supplements, less sleep. I was pretty much digging myself into the ground. SO THIS IS WHAT I DID TO FIX IT…

Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss TIPS!

The way I decided to go about this was not the ordinary way. I really had to CHANGE like stated above. So my so-called “Faster Way to Fat Loss” was not the ordinary. But I knew that is what I needed. Am I saying this is the best way to lose fat? Not necessarily but it worked one hundred and ten percent for me!

Tip 1: Stop counting calories

Stop counting calories

Yup, not a single macro or calorie was tracked in the last six months. I’m not too sure how I stopped but I just did! I had it! The years of my counting and tracking were done. I still can’t believe it. I thought I would be doing this for the rest of my life and I accepted it. I thought counting calories would be an easy way to fat loss. I have done it year after year and it yielded great results. But, like most things in life it ran its course. So I deleted my tracking app, tucked away the food scale in the cabinet, got rid of most of my Tupperware, and stood there with a sigh of relief. I was almost in disbelief that I stopped. I said to myself “I’m sure in a few weeks, I will pull it right out again.” Well, I am glad and proud to say that I do not use a food scale, track a macro, or count a single calorie!

2. Eating More

Eating More

I was getting full most days and realized I was not used to this. I clearly was not eating enough in my past life. Buying fattier cuts of meat, eating something whenever I wanted it, eating fruit (OMG!), eating regular eggs. I was baffled for sure! For a long time, food was off-limits. 20lbs of fat seemed like it was unreachable destination but I was determined to get there. After getting my diet straight my next step was to get my fat-burning workout in order. Just Kidding! Stuff like that is what got me to where I was. Believing that there was such a thing as “the best exercise to lose weight” or the “best exercise for fat loss” was totally bonkers of me after years of training.

What does eating more do you say? Well, I can tell you it helps with a faster way to fat loss. By doing what exactly? Being in a deficit all year is not normal. When you have intermittent diet breaks you give your body and metabolism time to recover. This whole fat loss workout plan becomes cake! You know why? Because you have a healthy metabolism.

3. A LOT of Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Yes, I know I have mentioned this soooo much! But I am telling you it works. All I do is walk with interval training. I have already dammed that Stepmill to hell. Not only is walking a stress-free calorie burner, but it also helps with stress! I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day. Being home with the pandemic was almost a blessing in disguise. It gave me a chance to walk and walk a lot! You do not even have to walk outside. Clean your house, do some chores, vacuum your house. You will be surprised how fast 10,000 steps will happen.

Going for a walk is movement and that’s what we want to do. Relax and move, it keeps our bodies stress free, mobile, agile, and strong! Don’t forget to keep track of your steps as well with a reliable step tracker. The one I use is pretty basic. Click here to see which one I use on the daily! You can also get it on eBay for much cheaper :). Walking is something you can do a lot of and not worry about it. You are not going to “overtrain” our bodies are made to move, we are not meant to be sitting all day every day. Unfortunately, that has become the new norm. I suggest setting up an app or timer on your phone that reminds you to get up every hour. Trust me it helps! I can sit all day working and never get up if I didn’t have my trusty app on hand. One thing to note, I do live in New York, and going out in walking in negative 20-degree weather sucks! But if you can tolerate the cold then go for it! But if you cannot then the treadmill will suffice.

4. Use Basic Supplements

Use Basic Supplements

Your food should be nourishing your body, not supplements. The faster way to fat loss is not taking fat burners, carb blockers, pre-workouts, or anything but the basics, Use food as fuel. I did a reset. I only used caffeine when I needed it and still do. I use fish oil when I am not consuming a ton of omega-3’s and a basic multivitamin as well as a Vitamin D supplement when I am not getting enough sun.

For years I tried everything. That whole “lose 20lbs in a month” seemed believable if all my ducks were in order. You see all these people lose fat faster than you, and it makes you wonder. Am I doing something wrong? So you keep pushing. You buy more pre-workouts, more fat burners, and nothing still seems to work. Sound familiar? Yeah, sounds familiar to me too. So, what am I trying to say here? Stop giving into the hype. The basics work! and if you want to get wild throw some creatine into the mix. I am not going to touch on creatine, If I had to guess there are thousands of articles on that amazing supplement.

5. Cycle Your Calories

Workout for what you do. This keeps your metabolism ramped up and HEALTHY. Do not workout to lose weight, do not exercise to lose weight! I REPEAT! Workout or train to be strong, fast, quick! Remember…The Faster Way to Fat Loss is building lean, quality muscle! Days you know you have a harder more intense workout, eat more. The days you know you will be training as hard, eat less. It’s just that simple.

Now that I have hopefully got you started on losing 20lbs. Remember to take your time. Fat loss can be effortless once you set your mind to it. So are you ready to lose 20lbs? Contact Jeanice for a custom plan.

Working Out Twice a Day l 2 a Days for 2 Weeks (Diet Update)

twice a day training
18 Jun

Is working out twice a day the end all be all of fat loss and muscle gain? Many gurus have approached this type of training and let me tell you…I have done this type of training in the past to get my body to burn more fat!

Are you ready to change your body with 2 A DAY TRAINING? Comment down below! and let me know what your training is like.

Twice a Day Training

Is twice a day training what your body needs? Hard to say, right? Over the years training twice a day has become a staple to many competitive athletes, movie stars and your average Joe Schmoe.

As a former competitive figure competitor twice a day training is no stranger to me. It actually became the norm during my competitive season. Early morning cardio sessions then to return in the evening to lift and sometimes more cardio. I know right? I mean who really wants to go to the gym twice a day? I know I did.

Want to know more? Watch my video to see how I approach twice a day training.

Are you ready for 2 a days? Contact Jeanice to get started!

Workout at Home – 25 Minute Band and Body weight Workout.

25 Minute Workout Video
30 Mar
Click here to watch the video on YouTube

We all know that this a very trying time for everyone across the globe. Now is the perfect time to get in shape! So what now? Let’s get in shape together! I have made a 25 Minute Band and Body weight Workout video! You will be performing a full body workout! Remember to grab your water, hydrate and rest when needed.

Working Out at Home

Will you even get in shape? Of course you will. Following a workout video or videos has got many people in shape believe it or not. There has been so many Workout at Home series’s it is very difficult to keep up. But, please don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself!

Resistance Bands

You will need resistance bands to complete this workout. Here are the ones I use in the video. If you find them cheaper, please feel free to get them elsewhere.

Body weight Exercises

You will be performing a few body weight exercises during this at home workout! So be prepared!

If you have feel faint, tired or uneasy remember to stop what you are doing!

Is the 2020 quarantine your time to get in shape? If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

– Jay

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Dropping 20lbs in 2020 – Week 2-3 – How to lower Macros and Full Day of Eating

Dropping 20lbs in 2020 – Week 2-3 – How to lower Macros and Full Day of Eating
01 Feb

Well we are up a little bit and well I can’t say I am too thrilled. Although Aunt Flow made her monthly appearance and well she gives me a stomach ache every time. OK so let’s get on with it.

Lowering Macros when you hit a plateau

My weight has officially gone up from an average of 144.4 to an average of 145.2 :/. I know it may be water, but I want to err on the side of caution here. I am eating quite a lot so I can afford to eat less. Now how do we change this? Quite simple. Small changes.

I added 20 minutes of cardio and dropped 10 grams of carbs a day. Then life came in the way…It happened! I had a controlled refeed, then pizza and wings happened but did it? So I had some pizza and wings until I was comfortably full and called it a day…Was it a F up? To me yes and no, I was happy I did not binge but unhappy I did not stick to macros. So what now? Embrace it and move on…One thing I told myself is that the minute I started to get too obsessive is the moment I stopped and well 2 weeks in it is happening again…

So what is my game plan?

1. Make sure protein is in every meal.

Make sure protein is the base of every meal…but don’t get obsessive.

2. Honor hunger

Don’t force myself to eat, I have been doing that last 2 weeks and it is awful. My goal is to get as close as I can to my hunger without looking at my tracking app every few seconds.

3. Don’t Stress

Life happens remember that! The fact that I am trying my best is more than I can ask for. It’s not like I’m sitting down on my ass eating Twinkies and donuts. Embrace it and move on.

4. Make Small Goals

It’s all great to have many goals. But take it 1 day at at a time. I know my problem was always taking on too much at one time. My goal for this time around is 1. Do not binge and 2. If I don’t meet my macros don’t beat myself up over it.

Watch Weeks 2-3 here on my YouTube Channel!

Are you ready to beat that plateau? and lose more fat? Contact Jay for more info.

Dropping 20lbs in 2020 – Week 1 – The Best Leg Workout

leg and glutes
11 Jan

Dropping 20lbs in 2020

Dropping 20lbs in 2020 – Week 1 – The Best Leg Workout

Welcome! to Week 1 and boy do I have an amazing leg and glute routine for you! To preface this all I gained 20lbs within the last 2 years. It had nothing to do with my lack of commitment, laziness or food intake but my metabolism shutting down.

I was able to stop counting macros and stay lean…BUT, I noticed the weight creeping on slowly. It was odd for me…I have not been this heavy in years. I tried everything, new leg and glute routines, different cardio, different styles of eating and boooooy nothing was working. I kept doing the same thing over and over…Moving more and eating less and well NOTHING! So now what? Change was the answer.

The Plan

In the next few weeks, I will be documenting my new training protocol, nutrition, supplements, sleeping patterns and overall just a new path to get this fat loss on the move! My YouTube Video will document most of what I am doing but I know at times getting to the damn workout is the interesting part! I will no longer be eating out unless it is a cheat meal. A cheat meal will not be every week but rather every 3 weeks.

That will give me time to asses my plan and photos to make sure I am right on track.

Leg and Glute Routine

Currently I am doing a 4 day split, ALL leg and glute dominant.
3 out out of the 4 days I train upper body along with leg and or glute. The 4th day I generally only do abs and legs/glutes. (My YouTube video states why). OK, Jeanice stop typing away…Here it is my glute and leg routine, remember this is only 1 day of the routine…Check back weekly to see how I change things up.

I do circuits of 5 exercises back to back to back etc…with a 30 second brake. This circuit training goes for about 30-40 minutes depending on how I am feeling…The circuit goes like this.

30 seconds cardio (which usually for me is jump rope, kettle bell swings and or jump squats.)
1. 30 seconds cardio
2. 30 seconds lifting
3. 30 seconds cardio
4. 30 seconds lifting
5. 30 seconds cardio
6. 30 seconds break

Circuit 1 (Perform 2-4) Times
1. 30 seconds jump rope
2. 30 seconds split squats (left leg)
3. 30 seconds jump rope
4. 30 seconds split squats (right leg)
5. 30 seconds cardio
6. 30 seconds break

Circuit 2 (Perform 2-4) Times
1. 30 seconds jump rope
2. Hyperextensions/Step ups (can be weighted)
3. 30 seconds jump rope
4. 30 seconds ab exercise (usually weighted)
5. 30 seconds cardio
6. 30 seconds break

Circuit 3 (Perform 2-4) Times
1. 30 seconds jump rope
2. Adductions
3. 30 seconds jump rope
4. 30 Side Steps with a Band
5. 30 seconds cardio
6. 30 seconds break

Circuit 3 (Perform 2-4) Times
1. 30 seconds jump rope
2. Abbductions
3. 30 seconds jump rope
4. 30 Side Steps with a Band
5. 30 seconds cardio
6. 30 seconds break

Click here to see my workout on YouTube

Are you ready to drop 20lbs in 2020? You can get a start on it with this crazy glute and leg routine! Click here to contact Jeanice for a custom plan.

*Update* So my focus has changed recently due to coming down with the flu early January (no it was not the Corona Virus). Yeah it sucks so bad! I still pretty much train the same but due to the recent events of covid-19 I now train at home and outside like most.

OK, so what now. For the last 3 months or almost 3 months I have been eating a modified Carnivore diet. My diet consist mostly of beef, eggs and salmon…Some days I do consume cheese but most days I do not. I also do incorporate protein shakes because they work for me. You do not by any means need to drink protein or whey shakes, I do not mind the break from eating so much honestly. A couple scoops of whey goes a long way! (Hey! that rhymed) It also breaks up the monotony from the diet.

If you are looking for a sexy diet, Carnivore is no way to go. There is no one size fits all diet plan. Different things work for different people and getting to know your body is probably one of those most exciting processes!

I am no longer tracking calories but am paying attention to my hunger cues. I started with quite a bit of food and started to slowly remove food as the weeks went on. I like the ease of this diet, no planning is really necessary…well you just eat meat and fish if you’d like.

I started with some apples in the beginning of the diet. I would remove an apple, then another apple…maybe some chocolate to where I was just consuming fatty protein. AAAnnnnnd that is kind of where I am now….eating fatty protein, and slowly and I really mean slowly removing things. I just started to eat leaner cuts of meat and fish, only eat when I am hungry and sometimes not…and surprisingly enough my appetite has change tremendously. My hunger is pretty stable unless it is that time of the month and I get full pretty quickly after a FREE MEAl, the days of a dozen wings, a Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a dozen donuts is over…and oh a diet coke ;).

I really know how to control that one meal now, where before I was not able to. I just would keep going until I felt like I was going to puke. That is something that took me a long time to learn…But I am happy with the progress I have made. I promise this is something you will be able to manage as well with a little time and effort. I know that was a lot to swallow.

In conclusion things change, right now this is what is currently working for me! Happy 2020 to all , stay positive, reprogram your mind and focus on YOUR GOALS!

Talk Soon – Jeanice

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