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Are Cheat Meals allowed on Carnivore? – (2020)

Can you cheat on the Carnivore Diet?
10 May
Can you Cheat on the Carnivore Diet?

Cheating on the Carnivore Diet

Are cheat meals allowed on Carnivore, that depends. What are your goals? See what I eat and still continue to progress while on Carnivore 90% of the time.

What if I hit a plateau? Are they still allowed? Of course they are. You have to find the right balance. The thing with any diet is that you have to be consistent and not dive into the deep end when that “cheat day, cheat meal, free day, free meal etc. Whatever you call it, it’s called balance. If you can’t enjoy life then dieting is useless. Don’t be that person that can’t eat at family events. Trust me I’ve been there and it’s not fun. You can always change something and I promise you results will come.

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Grocery Haul – Carnivore Diet and a Full Day of Eating {2020 Meat Shortage)

Carnivore Diet Grocery Haul
04 May
Click here to watch the Full Carnivore Grocery Haul

This pandemic has got everyone going crazy! See what I eat all day and what I buy during my carnivore diet grocery haul! #weareinthistogether. Going grocery shopping has been quite a scary activity to do nowadays now with the possible 2020 meat shortage it’s even more frightening than ever!

You cannot go anywhere without being 6 feet apart, wearing a mask and wearing gloves. Your pockets, purses and cars are filled with hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, alcohol etc. SO what to do now? Only go to the store when needed. I know I am 100% guilty of overstocking food just in case, but I think it definitely is better to be safe than sorry.

What is Essential on the Carnivore Grocey Haul?

Meat of course lol. My essentials if you watched one of my latest videos Top Carnivore Meal Plan – Rapid Fat Loss – {2020} you can see everything I usually grab 99.9% percent of the time when I go grocery hauling. I think what is essential to you may not be essential to me. Really think about what food makes you feel good, keeps you satiated and brings you a ton of energy! Words can only do so much so watch my video here to get more info on what I get during this crazy 2020 meat shortage!

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8 Week Carnivore Diet Aftermath – First Cheat meal in 2 Months {EPIC CHEAT MEAL 2020}

8 Week Carnivore Diet Aftermath – First Cheat meal in 2 Months {EPIC CHEAT MEAL 2020}
27 Apr
It’s been 2 Months on the Carnivore Diet

8 Weeks all Meat diet

It’s been a full 8 weeks since I have been on the Carnivore Diet and I had my first full cheat meal! Boy was it amazing but to be honest since I have been eating so plain I got full so quick!

I am by no means someone who won’t have a cookie here and there (low carb of course or sometimes not!) But I ate like a real human this weekend and it was fun! So 2 months on the diet, now what? I plan to give this diet a full 100 days to see what really happens to my body.

8 weeks on Carnivore is nothing, but it does challenge your body to see how strict you can be. I am not saying you have to do what I did but being strict is just in my nature. Like I said I did grab a few things here and there that are not necessarily on your conventional Carnivore diet, but I did not have a full blown all you can eat cheat fest! Some days I wanted to, not going to lie. I hope this inspires you to stay on a diet or meal plan knowing you can treat yourself. Life is short! Enjoy!

Top 30 Fitness Blogs

On another note made it to the TOP 30 WORKOUT BLOGS! So thank you everyone for your support! I am #62 lol. But still a win!

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Carnivore Meal Plan – Rapid Fat Loss – {2020}

Carniviore Meal Plan
19 Apr
Click here to see the Full Carnivore Meal Plan

Meal Plan for Carnivores

There has been so much buzz over what macros are good for this all meat diet. To be honest with you I struggled with it a bit as well. I had a hard time trusting myself with what to eat. I am eating too little? too much? I was not quite sure for awhile. But here is what did…

Trusting Yourself

This is hard for a lot of people, but like I said it was hard for me as well. I really started eating to satiety and slowly taking things out if I felt like I was not progressing. It took me a few weeks to see physical results. But, trust me it’s worth every penny. I had to just let my body go back to its natural hunger cues.

I started primarily with all fatty cuts of meat, eggs and salmon (which I do now still) also I had 2 apples at night like Carnivore advocate Chris Bell was doing. Those are now gone! and the fat is coming off. One thing I refused to do is a be a slave to the gym to see results. So tightening up my diet was next.

My Carnivore Meal Plan

I started to alternate back and fourth with lighter and heavier days when I noticed my fat loss was slowing down. The Zig Zag Approach….Now it’s kind of hard to understand if you are not already familiar with some kind of calorie restriction or measuring food. My Meal Plan can be found here in more detail or feel free to email me at the address down below for the free infographic!

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Deadlifting with the Girls and BareBurger – Ep – 08 A Day with Jay – [Pre Contest 16 WEEKS OUT]

A Day With Jay
15 Apr
Click here to see some awesome deadlifting

Follow me with this #waybackwednesday 16 weeks out from my figure show, while I deadlift with my girls and go for a post workout bite at bareburger.


The Key to a big back, a firm booty, crazy strength and an overall bangin’ body is you guessed it! The deadlift. Deadlifting is definitely my most favorite exercise next to the squat. So it is definitely not an exercise you should leave out of your regimen.

Proper Deadlift Form

Reading words can only help you so much click the video below to see the way I perform my sumo deadlifts. Now there are many variations. Pick the one that suits you the most. On that note! Let’s lift some heavy weight!

Who’s ready to deadlift? Contact Jeanice for a personalized deadlifting plan.

10,000 Steps – Does it burn fat? – Full Day of Eating Carnivore – (2020)

10,000 Steps – Does it burn fat? – Full Day of Eating Carnivore –   (2020)
14 Apr

Find out what walking 10,000 steps a day did for me. Did it burn fat? Is carnivore helping that process? Follow me through a full day of eating carnivore and some steps!

Eating the Whole Day

We know it can be tough to eat during the day but making an effort always leads to better results. If eating is a problem shakes can always do the trick but I always recommend whole foods!

10,000 Steps

Does 10,000 steps really burn fat? I have addressed this before, please click here to see! It may seem like a difficult task but trust me your love handles will thank me!

Step Challenge

I challenge you! YES! That’s right! I challenge you to get 10000 steps a day. You may be saying “What A Day? 10000 steps? Are you kidding?” Unfortunately I am not. Your body will change if you challenge yourself.

This is no easy feat. Get yourself step counter and let’s get to it!

Combining the two will get you great results! Don’t take my word for it, like nike says Just

Still debating if this diet is for you? Contact Jay for more details.

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6 Weeks on a Meat Based Diet – Here is What Happened

6 Weeks on a Meat Based Diet – Here is What Happened
06 Apr
All Meat Based Diets can help!

All meat Based Diet

Are meat based diets all that they are cracked out to be? Carnivore, 0 carb whatever it is. 6 weeks on carnivore diet, see what happened. You may be wondering what can 6 week do. View below to see how my body as changed and what I have been eating for the last 6 weeks.

Curious to See What Happened? Click here to watch the full video on YouTube

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Building the Best Home Gym

Building the Best Home Gym
04 Apr

Exercise Equipment – What?

Stuck at home? Gyms are closed, summer is around the corner and there is no squat rack or dumbbell in site. So what do you do? Build a home gym!

Now, I know everyone does not have room for racks of weights, exercise balls, machines etc. But the world of functional training and small gadgets still exist!

Exercise Bike

Stationary Bike
Stationary Bike

Exercise bikes are great to have in your bedroom or your home gym. Where ever you decide to place it, this is definitely a great piece of equipment! I know you are not exactly riding down the coast, popping wheelies or jumping over benches but it is a great piece of cardio equipment if you cannot get outside.


Fun times on a Treadmill!

Yeah not the funnest piece of equipment for your gym at home, but if you are looking for something that is low impact this does the trick. Remember how I mentioned 10,000 steps in a previous post? Well this baby can help with that. It is more movement than actually exercise which is great on the body, low stress and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong you can run and do sprints but you can also take a brisk walk or warmup/cool down as needed.


Strides on the elliptical

You may not be a big fan, but something like this can benefit if you have older people in your house, light impact and good on the joints. For whatever reason my parents and aunts/uncles are really into this piece of workout equipment. I just stare at it and hang my towel on it.

Smith Machine

Now this piece of equipment may not fit in everyone’s home gym but if you are lucky enough to have a garage gym, you are in business! Make sure to be careful when you squat, dead lift, etc with caution…People are watching ;).

Weight Bench

Weight Bench
Home Gym Weight Bench

This is a good add on (obviously). Whether it’s chest, legs, back, shoulder whatever! This is an awesome piece of equipment. You can also implement cardio with a bench. Step-ups is a great exercise or maybe perhaps abs? There are tons of activities you can do with this little number here.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands are great to use at home

One of my faves. These really do not hurt to have, unless you fling it like a rubber band then we are in big trouble. There are many resistance band workouts you an do! Click here to checkout my Youtube Video to see what I mean. Bands are great or a full body workout.


Building the Best Home Gym

I’m sure you are not surprised. GASP! Shocker…These to me are always the bread and butter of a sculpted physique. I recommend these always. Dumbbells are so versatile and just an overall physique builder.

Are you ready to build that home gym? Contact Jeanice if you need recommendations.

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Workout at Home – 25 Minute Band and Body weight Workout.

25 Minute Workout Video
30 Mar
Click here to watch the video on YouTube

We all know that this a very trying time for everyone across the globe. Now is the perfect time to get in shape! So what now? Let’s get in shape together! I have made a 25 Minute Band and Body weight Workout video! You will be performing a full body workout! Remember to grab your water, hydrate and rest when needed.

Working Out at Home

Will you even get in shape? Of course you will. Following a workout video or videos has got many people in shape believe it or not. There has been so many Workout at Home series’s it is very difficult to keep up. But, please don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself!

Resistance Bands

You will need resistance bands to complete this workout. Here are the ones I use in the video. If you find them cheaper, please feel free to get them elsewhere.

Body weight Exercises

You will be performing a few body weight exercises during this at home workout! So be prepared!

If you have feel faint, tired or uneasy remember to stop what you are doing!

Is the 2020 quarantine your time to get in shape? If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

– Jay

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

The Ultimate Carnivore Diet (2020)

The Ultimate Carnivore Diet (2020)
24 Mar

What should I eat on the Carnivore diet?

Click here to watch the full YouTube Video

Still having problems with what you should eat on the carnivore diet? Check out my latest YouTube video for some awesome recommendations on what to eat while on the carnivore diet.

I am aware that times are tough and right now it is a very interesting time to be the world. I am not saying the carnivore diet is the only way to go when it comes to building your immunity but it is an option.

I will say it repeatedly I am not a doctor but someone who believes in health and wellness. Remember a good diet, movement and sleep will keep your immune system up. Sleep will keep you focused and movement will keep you strong! Stay positive!

Below are some links that will hopefully help you on your journey.
At home kettlebell workout
Does Walking 10,000 Steps a day Burn Fat?
Working out While Sick – Is that Normal?

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

Meat only diet, this can’t be healthy. I felt the same way too when I heard about this phenomenon. The great thing is eating this way is very simple and the Carnivore Diet benefits are almost endless, but we will cover that in another article.

See my meal plan below, I like alternate days depending on what I am doing, if I am doing less exercising and more movement then I tend to stick to leaner cuts of meat, fish, etc…If it’s more exercising and less movement then I will consume fattier cuts. I am a firm believer in cycling your calories in order to keep your metabolism fast and healthy. Eat for what you do.
See my all-meat diet below.

Heavy Days (More lifting)
Meal 1 – 1/2lb-1lb beef
Meal 2 – 1 or 2 Scoops of Whey Protein
Meal 3 – 1/2-1lb beef

Light Days(Interval, A lot of leisure Walking)
Meal 1 – 1/2lb-1lb Salmon or Chicken Thighs
Meal 2 – 1 Pork loin or 1 Scoop Protein
Meal 3 – 1/2lb-1lb Salmon or Chicken Thighs
Meal 4 – 1 Pork loin or 1 Scoop Protein

Boring? Yes, that’s what I thought for the first week…then I realized eating meat without trimming off the fat was well worth my while. After a while you will realize how your palette will change, I stopped craving sweets after awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my fat kid tendencies from time to time and will enjoy a FREE MEAL once a week. I do honestly think FREE MEALS are ok and or indulging are good for the mind, body, and soul.

If you are struggling to come up with a meal plan, please feel free to contact me here. I would LOVE to HELP YOU GET STARTED!

Carnivore Diet Results

I will cover this briefly as results will differ from person to person, I really had no hope that dieting no longer worked for me. Many years of under eating and over exercising really messed up my metabolism. I have said this many times before that I hate counting calories, measuring, etc. This diet really helped me break the habit of what I once did. There is no looking back! I can honestly say I no longer use any app or food tracking device. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. There are some days I eat a lot and days I barely eat at all. When your body talks, listen.

Here are 3 Videos that discuss my 6, 12, and 16 weeks Carnivore Diet Before and After.

WATCH NOW 6 Weeks – Carnivore Diet Results
WATCH NOW 12 Weeks Carnivore Diet Results
WATCH NOW 16 Weeks Carnivore Diet Results

Carnivore Diet Menu

Bacon for sure is on the Carnivore Diet Food List

Here are a few items on the Carnivore Diet Plan, These are my top! I will cover another Carnivore Diet article soon on a more in-depth list of what is on a meat-based menu. Sounds funny, right? A meat-based menu should have well, meat!

Here are my recommendations:

  • Ground Beef (I like 80/20)
  • Chicken Thighs, Drumsticks, Wings (Leave the Skin on 🙂 )
  • Ribeye
  • Strip Steak
  • Cheese
  • Salmon
  • Filet Mignon
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Duck
  • Veal
  • Lamb
  • Porkloin
  • Porkchop
  • Balut (Duck Embryo)
  • and much more!

The list above is what I LOVE TO EAT! I know this may seem a bit overwhelming and hard to digest all at once, but if you are determined to get healthy this diet can or sure help. There are many other diets, meal plans, etc that you can try. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Oh, and if you want to snack on something good, these are my go-to snacks while traveling. These may be a biased pick because I am Filipino. BUTTTTT, there are a lot of other choices of pork rinds you can choose from.

Snacks on the Carnivore Diet

I am very aware that frying up a Ribeye every few hours is not practical for most. Although I recommend whole foods 95% of the time, there are situations where we just cannot get food.

So are here some of my TOP PICKS for snacks.

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs
  • Pork rinds (obviously)
  • Cheese
  • Beef Jerky
  • Shakes
  • Cottage Cheese

I hope this article finds you or you find it in good health! Stay focused, like I always say “Hard Work, Works.” Make a plan, Have a goal and you will succeed.

As corny as it sounds, health really is wealth. Don’t be fooled by what you see on Social Media, don’t fall into the habit of comparing yourself, I REPEAT! BE YOURSELF! Being like someone else is so 2019…Prosperity to all!

If I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

More to Come – Jeanice aka Jay

Still Confused about the carnivore diet it up? Click here for more info.

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