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Faster Way to Fat Loss – How I Lost 20lbs on the Carnivore Diet (Top Fat Loss Tips)

The Faster Way to Fat Loss
26 Jul

My Plan to Lose 20lbs

Well, I did it! I lost 20lbs of fat (hopefully) and some muscle too. It was a hard 20lbs to lose and not because the diet was hard, it was because I had to change up what I was used to doing. Change is hard, change sucks, and as most people know it’s scary. But in order to grow CHANGE is a MUST!

Let me start off by saying this plan worked for me and it may not work for others, BUT I encourage you to take bits and pieces of my plan and try it out!. This is my journey and I am glad that you are here taking the time to read it. It was a rough year and everything I said I would stop doing…well I didn’t.

I’ll break it down for you. I thought the days of me doing tons of cardio, no sleep, and heavy weight training were long gone. I mean it worked before, why would it not work now? Right? Wrong? After my last show, I couldn’t seem to get down to where I needed/wanted to be. So what did I do? I kept pushing, less food, more cardio, more supplements, less sleep. I was pretty much digging myself into the ground. SO THIS IS WHAT I DID TO FIX IT…

Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss TIPS!

The way I decided to go about this was not the ordinary way. I really had to CHANGE like stated above. So my so-called “Faster Way to Fat Loss” was not the ordinary. But I knew that is what I needed. Am I saying this is the best way to lose fat? Not necessarily but it worked one hundred and ten percent for me!

Tip 1: Stop counting calories

Stop counting calories

Yup, not a single macro or calorie was tracked in the last six months. I’m not too sure how I stopped but I just did! I had it! The years of my counting and tracking were done. I still can’t believe it. I thought I would be doing this for the rest of my life and I accepted it. I thought counting calories would be an easy way to fat loss. I have done it year after year and it yielded great results. But, like most things in life it ran its course. So I deleted my tracking app, tucked away the food scale in the cabinet, got rid of most of my Tupperware, and stood there with a sigh of relief. I was almost in disbelief that I stopped. I said to myself “I’m sure in a few weeks, I will pull it right out again.” Well, I am glad and proud to say that I do not use a food scale, track a macro, or count a single calorie!

2. Eating More

Eating More

I was getting full most days and realized I was not used to this. I clearly was not eating enough in my past life. Buying fattier cuts of meat, eating something whenever I wanted it, eating fruit (OMG!), eating regular eggs. I was baffled for sure! For a long time, food was off-limits. 20lbs of fat seemed like it was unreachable destination but I was determined to get there. After getting my diet straight my next step was to get my fat-burning workout in order. Just Kidding! Stuff like that is what got me to where I was. Believing that there was such a thing as “the best exercise to lose weight” or the “best exercise for fat loss” was totally bonkers of me after years of training.

What does eating more do you say? Well, I can tell you it helps with a faster way to fat loss. By doing what exactly? Being in a deficit all year is not normal. When you have intermittent diet breaks you give your body and metabolism time to recover. This whole fat loss workout plan becomes cake! You know why? Because you have a healthy metabolism.

3. A LOT of Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Walking or 10,000 Steps a Day

Yes, I know I have mentioned this soooo much! But I am telling you it works. All I do is walk with interval training. I have already dammed that Stepmill to hell. Not only is walking a stress-free calorie burner, but it also helps with stress! I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day. Being home with the pandemic was almost a blessing in disguise. It gave me a chance to walk and walk a lot! You do not even have to walk outside. Clean your house, do some chores, vacuum your house. You will be surprised how fast 10,000 steps will happen.

Going for a walk is movement and that’s what we want to do. Relax and move, it keeps our bodies stress free, mobile, agile, and strong! Don’t forget to keep track of your steps as well with a reliable step tracker. The one I use is pretty basic. Click here to see which one I use on the daily! You can also get it on eBay for much cheaper :). Walking is something you can do a lot of and not worry about it. You are not going to “overtrain” our bodies are made to move, we are not meant to be sitting all day every day. Unfortunately, that has become the new norm. I suggest setting up an app or timer on your phone that reminds you to get up every hour. Trust me it helps! I can sit all day working and never get up if I didn’t have my trusty app on hand. One thing to note, I do live in New York, and going out in walking in negative 20-degree weather sucks! But if you can tolerate the cold then go for it! But if you cannot then the treadmill will suffice.

4. Use Basic Supplements

Use Basic Supplements

Your food should be nourishing your body, not supplements. The faster way to fat loss is not taking fat burners, carb blockers, pre-workouts, or anything but the basics, Use food as fuel. I did a reset. I only used caffeine when I needed it and still do. I use fish oil when I am not consuming a ton of omega-3’s and a basic multivitamin as well as a Vitamin D supplement when I am not getting enough sun.

For years I tried everything. That whole “lose 20lbs in a month” seemed believable if all my ducks were in order. You see all these people lose fat faster than you, and it makes you wonder. Am I doing something wrong? So you keep pushing. You buy more pre-workouts, more fat burners, and nothing still seems to work. Sound familiar? Yeah, sounds familiar to me too. So, what am I trying to say here? Stop giving into the hype. The basics work! and if you want to get wild throw some creatine into the mix. I am not going to touch on creatine, If I had to guess there are thousands of articles on that amazing supplement.

5. Cycle Your Calories

Workout for what you do. This keeps your metabolism ramped up and HEALTHY. Do not workout to lose weight, do not exercise to lose weight! I REPEAT! Workout or train to be strong, fast, quick! Remember…The Faster Way to Fat Loss is building lean, quality muscle! Days you know you have a harder more intense workout, eat more. The days you know you will be training as hard, eat less. It’s just that simple.

Now that I have hopefully got you started on losing 20lbs. Remember to take your time. Fat loss can be effortless once you set your mind to it. So are you ready to lose 20lbs? Contact Jeanice for a custom plan.

Top Ways on How to Stop Binge Eating – Never Binge Again {2020}

Stop Binge Eating
17 Jul

Binge Eating

Binge eating is not an easy subject and affects people across the world. Many of my clients ask me questions like “How can I stop binge eating?” “Why do I binge eat?” “Why Can’t I stop binge eating?” There is one thing I can tell you for sure, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

For those who are new to my page, I would like to give you a brief background about myself. My name is Jay and I have am a former competitive figure athlete. I have been a personal trainer for 17 years as well as a Marketer for just about 13 years.

I was born and raised in New York and still reside here. Growing up my eating habits were pretty normal. Being raised Filipino my meals were generally Filipino food. One thing I can honestly say is that my parents always made sure my meals were balanced. All my meals were portioned with protein, carbs, and fats. My mother always encouraged eating fruits and vegetables and we rarely had junk in the house, when I say rarely I really mean rarely. It wasn’t until high school did I really realize what Gatorade was, Ruffles, Cheetos, etc! But even then I still knew how to eat in portions, food never affected my daily life. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full.

Fast forward a few years later and I realized how much I admired my favorite singer in the whole wide world’s body! Can you guess who? I’ll give you a hint.

I was super intrigued by how shapely her body was but not really sure on how to achieve such a sculpted physique. After months of research and investigating I came across a plethora of health and fitness forums. I was overloaded with information that diet, this diet, macros, calories, micros, supersets, cardio, lifting. You name it I came across it. I absorbed all the information like a sponge.

Once I was comfortable I really started to experiment with different types of training and diets. When I say EVERYTHING WORKED, I really mean EVERYTHING WORKED. My body was responsive to anything and everything I tried. I was young, most likely overfed, and had the energy of 10 men!

So what happened? It became an obsession, I could never ever be muscular enough, lean enough, strong enough, or fast enough. Mediocre was never an option. That mindset found bodybuilding or should I say bodybuilding found me. Looking through the divisions and what the athletes had to do to get there was mind-boggling. I read Janet Jackson’s diet and said: “I wonder why it’s not as intense?” It wasn’t until later I realized that everyone is an individual and different things work for different people. Some can work with minimal effort and get great results, others have to suffer like crazy! (We will get into that in another article).

A few years before I even started to compete I already had been through a few “bulks” and “cuts”. So I was sure competing was for me. I would see the fads come and go, kind of like how things are now. BUT one thing remained the same. HARD WORK, WORKS! As you know that is one of the mottos I live by. You can never fail with working hard!

Obsessive Eating

Jeanice Cabale
2011 Bev Francis Atlantic States

It’s hard to look at these pictures sometimes and realize the sacrifices I made to get like that. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the process! But like I said sacrifices had to be made, packing Tupperware everywhere, carrying a cooler, measuring every morsel you put in your mouth, meal prep, not eating out, 3 hours of training a day while still trying to keep your relationships in tack, and a full-time job. Still, want to compete?

For me, This is where it all changed. LIVING LIFE ON a food scale. Now realize this was all before apps were the hottest thing around. My Fitness Pal was in its beginning stages, you would either write down your diet on paper or go on the computer and track your food there. I feel sorry for the generation nowadays that look and stare at their phone all day to make sure their “macros” fit. I didn’t think I’d ever stop using a food scale. To me it was life and I would be this doing forever. Packing my food scale on vacation, going to places that only had “clean food” was the norm. It was quite the disaster for years, I had a hard time admitting to myself that I had disordered eating. I had one thing off my diet, and that was it! It was ruined! To me, that meant to go ahead and binge eat! It became out of control eating for a day and sometimes a weekend. I would find ways to justify it, I would always say something like “I deserve this.” or it’s just this one time.” Boy, was I wrong. This went on for years.

Binge Eating at Night

This became a ritual, the weekend came and all I could think about was eating all the yummy goodness that was forbidden during the week. It was junk on top of junk, stuffing as much as I could down my throat, asking my friends and family to go out and eat so I wouldn’t feel guilty doing it alone. I would find reasons to justify why I was eating soooooo much.

After I was done during the day, I would start binge eating at night. Again, justifying how strict I was during the week. I said to myself “Am I stress binge eating?” “Is it impulse eating?” All I know is that had to stop!

Stop Binge Eating

Easier said than done. It took me years to stop. Eventually, I got tired of living off macros, starving and watching other people have fun. If I want something, honestly. I’ll just have it, no guilt. Counting macros made me crazier and very unhealthy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t count macros, at this time in my life it’s just not for me. With all that said here are ways you can stop binging.

1. Eat What you are craving

Embrace Your Craving and Stop Binging

Overcoming binge eating may take a while, but embracing your cravings may be just what you need. Have some snacks during the week and see what happens. You may be surprised that your weekend binge gets less and less as time goes on. I know this may seem hard to fathom but recovering from a binge is a lot more painful on the mind and body.

2. Don’t Be an Emotional Eater

Emotional Eating
Don’t Emotional Eat!

Before you grab that bag of Potato Chips ask yourself the question of “Do you really want it?” or are you just emotionally eating? I know when my cycle starts I tend to pick on things because my hormones are out of control. Then all of a sudden two weeks later it’s like me appetite never existed, Strange huh? Not really. Being a female we go through phases in our cycle where our body can eat more, exercise more, and put on muscle. CRAZY! But then there is the other half of our cycle where our body needs to move more and eat less before we put on fat. I digress. Point being, think before you snack.

3. Drink Water

Water can help prevent binging
Water Can Help Prevent Binging

Are you serious? Drink water? I used to never believe this, but after trying this, it actually works. If you want to get a little crazy, you can drink seltzer and maybe add some lemon. If you drink enough TRUST ME, you’ll get full.

4. Go for a Walk

Are you walking your 10,000 Steps?
Are you walking your 10,000 Steps?

Many know I preach 10,000 steps a day! CLICK HERE to read my article on “10,000 Steps – Does it burn fat?” and which Step Tracker to purchase!

5. Talk to Someone

Talk to Someone

Keeping yourself busy and talking to someone can stop your mind from thinking about binge eating. Seems strange I know! The more you keep yourself occupied the less you are to run and grab and cookies. Deep conversation keeps your mind busy, have you ever wondered when you are focused you don’t eat? Yeah well me too. I can go hours without eating and sometimes the whole day!

Binge Eating Help

Every day can be a struggle when it comes to food, I have been there. If you feel alone, trust me when I say “YOU ARE NOT” You are beautiful no matter your shape, size, race, gender, etc. FOOD DOES NOT MAKE YOU! Please feel free to comment or contact me here if you need a helping hand. 🙂

Stay Strong – Jay

The Ultimate Balut – How To (2020)

balut duck embryo
14 Jul

Balut Egg

So what is a Balut? Is it alive? Is it a chicken? a duck? Well, it is a duck (in some cases it can be a chicken, but rarely). Technically it is a duck/chicken embryo that is incubated for about 14-21 days, an unhatched egg. ( think you get it, let that sit for a moment.) A fertilized unhatched duck egg ready to be eaten. I know what you are thinking. How gross! How can someone want to eat an unhatched duck embryo? Well growing up Filipino it was quite normal in our house, a Sunday tradition, and something to look forward to. Perception is everything, to me it was food and that’s it.

Nowadays, You see balut challenges, shoot you even see it on Fear Factor with people ready to puke before they even eat it. Then there’s me, wondering why people find this food to be so grotesque. It’s food, growing up my parents would cook it and I would just crack it open. It would never go to waste, after cracking it open I would be there with a salt shaker in hand!

Balut is usually sold as street food in the Philippines (always something to look forward to when visiting.) I love me some good street food! I think the authenticity of traditional foods really makes the dish or delicacy. In this case a delicacy. Be sure to eat these ducks carefully. You are for sure going to encounter a beak, feather, etc of some sort. SO GET READY!

Other countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and Cambodia also sell Balut! It’s everywhere so I suggest you try it 🙂

Balut (How to Cook)

Most Filipino stores or Asian markets generally sell the Balut cooked. Balut needs to be boiled roughly 20-30 minutes before serving and eaten the same day. You can generally store balut for about a week once cooked. Like most eggs timing dictates how your balut egg will turn out. The liquid in the Balut ultimately becomes the broth. It’s a tasty broth! (Slowly clean your barf, it’s not that bad.) Get it together!

The incubation period generally depends on the town. The length of incubation will determine how developed the balut is. The less developed the more features will show (beak, feathers, etc). Once the egg is fully incubated and you crack it open, you will see the juices and the embryo floating at the top. It’s now game time! Tuck that napkin in your shirt and don’t forget to wash your hands. Oh, and grab some napkins it’s going to get messy.

What Does Balut Taste Like?

Balut duck embryo

That is a great question. I mean the only real way to find out is to eat it. Balut tastes like an egg, to be honest, lol just a little tastier. I would not say its an acquired taste but if you are someone who is not adventurous you may not enjoy this tasty treat. The yolk seems to be the tastiest out of the duck embryo, some describe the taste as a hard-boiled egg with a bit of a different texture. You are going to have to go through some feathers and other duck body parts in order to get to the yolk, happy peeling! It’s well worth it, trust me!.

If you like broth then you will definitely like the amniotic fluid generally classified as the soup of the balut (add salt as needed and add vinegar if you wish). It’s warm with some gooey goodness, enjoy! If salt and vinegar are not enough you can always add lemon, pepper, chilli paste or a seasoning of your choice! Shoot make it an omelet at this point :).

Filipino Balut

As stated above Balut is not exclusive to the Philippines, each country obviously markets and sells it differently. While the cooking method is the same, the serving differs. It has been said that balut was introduced to the Philippines by the Chinese right around the late 1800s. Since then it has been such a strong part of the Filipino culture and quite the fascinating subject to discuss amongst peers. You can find balut in the Philippines in many street markets and even the most expensive restaurants, a true tourist attraction for sure. Still debating wether or not you’d like to try it?

Balut Food

Sizzling Balut

OK, we already know balut can be eaten as is, right out of the shell. But what other ways can Balut be served? has made a delicious balut variation! Click here to see more! Sizzling Balut looks awesome and delicious! Although not a traditional recipe it’s yummy for sure!

Other countries have gone as far as putting balut in soups, stews, and other non-traditional dishes to spice up the meal. So, when you are lacking ideas of what to eat for dinner make sure to balut to that list.

More Balut has made an amazing adobo balut to die for. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RECIPE. If you like chicken adobo you will for sure enjoy adobo balut. GIVE IT A GO!

So now you know the history of balut, the cooking method, where it came from, what it tastes like. What to do next? TRY IT OUT! Or you can WATCH ME EAT IT HERE ON YOUTUBE (FULL VIDEO)!

No seriously, this is something a lot of people can’t stomach. I have seen people cringe just talking about it. I encourage you to open up your mind to new things. Although this is not a so-called fitness article, this is to show that fitness-minded people can be normal too. LIFE is not always about counting calories, measuring food, tracking macros, lifting, working out for hours a day, the newest supplements, etc. LIFE is about balance, the more obsessed you get the more you take away from other important things in your life. Until then LIVE LIFE, ENJOY and BE HAPPY!

For more information on anything fitness related, life, balance, and more! Contact Jay for more info!

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