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Building the Best Home Gym

Building the Best Home Gym
04 Apr

Exercise Equipment – What?

Stuck at home? Gyms are closed, summer is around the corner and there is no squat rack or dumbbell in site. So what do you do? Build a home gym!

Now, I know everyone does not have room for racks of weights, exercise balls, machines etc. But the world of functional training and small gadgets still exist!

Exercise Bike

Stationary Bike
Stationary Bike

Exercise bikes are great to have in your bedroom or your home gym. Where ever you decide to place it, this is definitely a great piece of equipment! I know you are not exactly riding down the coast, popping wheelies or jumping over benches but it is a great piece of cardio equipment if you cannot get outside.


Fun times on a Treadmill!

Yeah not the funnest piece of equipment for your gym at home, but if you are looking for something that is low impact this does the trick. Remember how I mentioned 10,000 steps in a previous post? Well this baby can help with that. It is more movement than actually exercise which is great on the body, low stress and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong you can run and do sprints but you can also take a brisk walk or warmup/cool down as needed.


Strides on the elliptical

You may not be a big fan, but something like this can benefit if you have older people in your house, light impact and good on the joints. For whatever reason my parents and aunts/uncles are really into this piece of workout equipment. I just stare at it and hang my towel on it.

Smith Machine

Now this piece of equipment may not fit in everyone’s home gym but if you are lucky enough to have a garage gym, you are in business! Make sure to be careful when you squat, dead lift, etc with caution…People are watching ;).

Weight Bench

Weight Bench
Home Gym Weight Bench

This is a good add on (obviously). Whether it’s chest, legs, back, shoulder whatever! This is an awesome piece of equipment. You can also implement cardio with a bench. Step-ups is a great exercise or maybe perhaps abs? There are tons of activities you can do with this little number here.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands are great to use at home

One of my faves. These really do not hurt to have, unless you fling it like a rubber band then we are in big trouble. There are many resistance band workouts you an do! Click here to checkout my Youtube Video to see what I mean. Bands are great or a full body workout.


Building the Best Home Gym

I’m sure you are not surprised. GASP! Shocker…These to me are always the bread and butter of a sculpted physique. I recommend these always. Dumbbells are so versatile and just an overall physique builder.

Are you ready to build that home gym? Contact Jeanice if you need recommendations.

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