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Best Protein for Vegans in 2020

Get your vegan protein in with veggies
24 Nov

How do Vegans get protein?

The age old question. Honestly it’s extremely easy if you put in the effort just like any style of eating. Vegan protein is actually very easy to get in, from shakes to broccoli, beans etc there is no reason why you should not hit those requirements.


What? Did you say broccoli?

Take a look at this beauty below. So do you really need meat? That is the age old question. Protein for vegans is just as easy as getting in protein for anyone not vegan. Get your veggies in people! The thing also about broccoli is that it is very high in nutrients and that is what you want in a food. Nutrients will give your body what it needs to fight sickness, have good vision etc. I say broccoli should be on the top of everyone’s list, saying your belly can handle it.

Broccoli has more protein than beef per 100 calories.
Thank You Vegan Street


Beans another staple of vegan diets! You can do plenty with beans! and let me tell you one of the recipes I eat daily is quite delicious.
Rice Bowls! I usually use a little white rice, (well take a look at the image below)…oh and add avocado. Healthy fats for the win!

Beans are high in nutrient and provide a ton of fiber

Beans are good for your heart!

Soy Products

This is debatable by many, BUT moderation is key…Tempeh is one of my personal faves! Tempeh bacon? Can you say nummay? Here is actually one of my favorite recipes. Enjoy! The Trader Joe’s Tempeh is my jam!


I love me some seitan, especially seitan tacos…I try my best to switch things up and Upton’s brand of seitan is amazing. The taste will be a little off at first if you are a meat eater, but I promise give it a go for at least a month and see how you love it.

Nutritional Yeast

If you’re a cheese lover, this is definitely a great alternative! I like to sprinkle the Nutritional Yeast on everything! tofu scrambles, etc. This is good to supplement your protein regimen…I also love rice bowls! and this is a superb trick to make it more delish.

So there it is! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Are you ready to get your protein in? Email Jay here for more info on vegan protein.

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