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Top Ways to Break through your Fat Loss Plateau 2020

Stretch it out and relax to break through your fat loss plateau
27 Oct

Struggling to lose those last 10lbs? Maybe even 5lbs? We have all been there (I know I have). So you probably have read every article, tracked every macro, dropped calories, increased activity etc…Still no results. WTF? Your solution is right around the corner. Below are MY TOP ways to break through a fat loss plateau. Keep in mind, different things work for different people. Okay, Jay…Shut up! On to the ways to break a plateau 2020!

Eat More for fat loss
Eat More!

Eat More

That’s right I said it! Your metabolism may have taken a hit. What I suggest is to bring your calories back up to maintenance for 7-10 days and take notice of your progress then. If your weight still stays the same try another 7-10 days and then reassess from there. I also suggest eating foods that are filled with nutrients an digest well for you. Don’t go eating Cheetos and boxes of cereal, listen I am all for the occasional indulgence and this is the perfect time to do it…But this is not a free for all eating contest. Sometimes refeeds and or cheats do work but I think a well deserved diet break is even better!

You have to remember you just cannot keep lowering calories. The body is a moving target, your metabolism changes over the years. You probably have noticed some years you can eat a lot more and some years you eat a lot less.

The problem is that most people do too much too soon. (Not good). I always say it small changes have the biggest results.

Cardio is not always good for fat loss
Kick the cardio habit!

2. Drop cardio

Try cutting cardio in half for again 7-10 days (you can combine Step 1 along with this method or do them separately.) Sometimes the body needs a break. Pushing the body further does more harm than good. If cutting cardio in half does not work, try stopping cardio completely for 7-10 days and see how the body responds. I know this is taking a step back, but trust me it will benefit you in the long run. An overly stressed body (and yes cardio is a stress) is not optimal for fat loss. Doing more is not always a great idea! Talk about backfiring, give your body the needed rest. You will realize it was probably what you needed. OR if you are a cardio queen, try dropping the intensity down a bit….WALKING is a great way to help this! Walking is low impact and has done wonders for my physique.

Try a 30 minute brisk walk instead of the stepmill or any other cardio machine. The reason I recommend walking also is because it is a low stress activity and or movement. We all know too much stress halts fat burning! OR set a timer for every hour, walk around for about 5 minutes and and in 6 hours! Hey you got thirty minutes of movement…I’ll most of my clients that have desk jobs that they need to move, the body is not made to be stationary.

Fitbits, Apple Watch, Step trackers they all work if you use them. These little devices for sure can keep you accountable. So if you are looking to get low stress movement and cut down your cardio, these devices can help tremendously!

Eat to burn fat
Eat when you’re hungry man!

3. Stop tracking macros

Tracking macros obviously helps, but sometimes your body needs to get back into the rhythm of eating when hungry and not trying to fill numbers. There are pros and cons of counting macros, but we will leave that for another day and time. Take babies for example, they cry when they are hungry and if they are full they stop eating. Use hunger cues to fill your needs. I can honestly say this worked out the best for me. It took me a bit to listen to my body. The first few weeks were tough but the fat started to come off. I was truly shocked when I stopped counting and calories and macros how my body shifted.

When you eat when your body truly needs it, that is when the magic happens. I think when we start with macros we overthink the process…just be easy for a few days and see what happens. This is definitely not an overnight process.

Sleep is a vital part of fat loss
Sleep is a vital part of fat loss

4. Sleep and add more rest

What? I never realized how much sleep effected my progress until I actually started to sleep more. My state of mind was totally different, fat loss at that point became effortless, my joints felt better and just an overall feeling of wellness. So get your sleep in! Sleep is vital #sleepislife. I also use, magnesium and help this process, Magnesium is not needed but it is something that I recommend. I recently started using CALM…READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

But really rest is crucial for progress. You can only go for so long being sleep deprived and overly tired. Make it a habit of getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, if you can try for the good ole eight or 9 hours. Even try to take a mini nap during the day…A twenty to twenty five minute power nap really helps! Trust me I have been there…

Be accountable for fat loss
Be Accountable

5. Be Accountable and Honest with Yourself

Have you been really sticking to the plan? Tracking macros, doing all your cardio, sleeping 7+ hours a night? When fat loss is the goal or any goal, being consistent is key. The results will come, that I can promise you.

Tracking at times can be rough, I encourage you to listen to your body. Hope all this fitness, rest, move less, eat more helped you out and did not confuse you. If it did, I am soooo sorry! You can always reach out to me personally and I will be happy to help!

Are you ready to break past that plateau? Contact Jay for more ways to break through your fat loss barriers!

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The Ulitmate Healthy Fast Food List {2020}

Healthy Take Out Options
14 Oct

Healthy Fast Food Options

If you are like me and constantly on the go, searching for healthy fast food options or healthy fast food restaurants is always a challenge. Luckily for you, I’ve been to quite a few fast food joints and was able to make very healthy choices (or close to it). Always err on the side of caution when going to fast food places or anywhere that is take out. Preparing your food is something I ALWAYS recommend because you know what you put in it. I am not saying don’t ever eat out, but if you do have specific goals in mind there is always that chance that the calories can be off. Remember not everything is a low-calorie fast food option but healthier option. With that said,

Below are some of my recommendations while on the go for Healthy Fast Foods 2019-2020/

Taco Bell Power Bowls are a great Fast Food Option
Taco Bell Power Bowls are an amazing fast food option.

Taco Bell

I know what you’re thinking, we aren’t ordering Meximelt’s and Chalupa’s and just holding the cheese. We are making a conscious effort to pick the best of the best of this menu. You’ll be quite surprised that the bell has really stepped their game up! and has made a high protein fast food option! Here is what I order.

Power Menu Bowl

Depending on what time of day it is, I either leave the carbs in or out, add more or less fat, etc. I tend to get rid of the cheese because my belly can’t really handle it, I up the guacamole and make a delicious meal! P.S There’s a vegetarian version as well! The meal is packed with protein, good fats, and power-boosting carbs! What’s not to love. A win-win for all!

Shrimp and Broccoli good for a lean fast meal
Courtesy of

Chinese Takeout

I am a creature of habit and my go-to is steamed shrimp with broccoli, I know lame! I get the garlic sauce on the side with white rice. Once again, I consume the rice-based on how I am feeling or what my current goals are. Shrimp are high in protein and broccoli have an amazing list of benefits. Remember nutrition is key here, don’t skimp on your veggies! If anything try and get two servings of veggies a day, trust me your insides will thank you later. If broccoli is not your thing, there are always mixed veggies, snow peas, bok choy, string beans, etc that will help you get your fiber in.

Or you can always opt for brown rice instead of white to get that extra fiber in! I personally think brown rice is gross and taste like cardboard (not that I have ever eaten cardboard) But it can be a better alternative if you are lacking fiber in your diet.

McDonald's Salads are Yummy and a great fast food option
McDonald’s Salads are Yummy and inexpensive

McDonald’s Salads -Healthy Drive-Thru at Finest

If you’re a meat-eater these salads have quite a bit of protein in them! So score for you, I generally take the mix-ins out and leave nothing but the chicken and greens. Fortunately for me, I am a plain eater and the basics work really well for me, BUT if you’re a macro counter then….more power to you. Add and subtract macros as needed…I find McDonald’s in recent years has made a conscious effort to bring in better and higher quality meals. There really is not an excuse to eat unhealthy at these places because of the plethora of options they have for the customer! Bonus, it’s a CHEAP HEALTHY FAST FOOD! and a healthy fast food lunch!

Sushi although pricey, is worth it and you can pick it up in a pinch!
I’ll take the whole Sushi Boat, please!

Sushi or Rolls

In a pinch, you can get rolls made (Nigiri make take a bit longer). A healthy combination of protein, carbs, and fats! I get a mix of Rolls and Nigiri always! I tend to go for the salmon and tuna for both Rolls and Nigiri due to the Omega-3 benefits! Win-win situation here! Again, quality over quantity…Don’t go shoving rolls filled with cream cheese and that are deep-fried down your guzzle. The basics never seem to go wrong 🙂 Sushi nowadays depending on where you go can be relatively cheap or cheaper. Use your judgment here, obviously as stated above you want quality.

Tuna and Rice cakes are extremely inexpensive and something you can prepare quickly!
Tuna and Avocado, Fast and efficient

Rice Cakes and Tuna

Not exactly fast food, but you can run into the supermarket rather quickly pick up any rice cakes and some packed tuna. You can pretty much find a plastic fork anywhere and top those rice cakes like so…This is something I actually do often. The reason I LOVE this fast-food option so much is that you can control EXACTLY what you are eating. All the nutrition info is right on the bag…Also if you are feeling spicy, add some avocado to that bad boy 😉 Healthy fats for the win! I know this is not exactly a fast food option but it is quick lol. Also now that tuna comes in sealed pouches it is a lot easier to just drop it in your bag instead of slinging that can of tuna around with a can opener :).

Burger King

Burger King's Chicken Sandwich is a great healthy fast food option!
Burger King is the King of them all with this Chicken Sandwich

Ever crave a grilled chicken sandwich? Yeah me either. The chicken gets tough and dry, a good thing for us Burger King solves our problem! Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich is a great healthy fast food option! Ditch the mayo! Unless you are counting macros then go ahead and leave it in :). I definitely do not see anything wrong with mayo but the calories do add up quickly. Instead maybe just add ketchup and ask for mayo packets so you can control how much goes on. Plain food for me always seems to work the best, salt has always been good enough. I know weird and boring but effective.

Going out to get food can be a tricky situation most of the time unless you are eating a FREE MEAL. Don’t fret this does not have to be tricky! Hopefully, these recommendations will help you make better choices while grabbing a quick meal or even sitting down for lunch! Happy fast food!

Are you ready for these fast food options out?
If you have any questions on how to pick and choose what to eat at any fast food option, email Jay here.

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